Whose running the show?!


We think that we are listening to ourselves but the truth if we all have an inner voice that runs us.

couple in love enjoying a meal


Who is doing the talking? Your old critic? Or the grown up you?

Choose who is in control of your life

You are always at choice.

Work out what your story is...

Its your old story

Your story was decided from the time you’re five, its how you had to be in the world.  Who you believed you were from what others said about you and who you thought you then had to be.

To be totally free to live a full life it is necessary to understand your story and then hear it when it talks to you.

That place of pain, fear or lack of achievement is only ever your story.

Ask yourself, ‘who am I without my story?’

Go back to where that pain lies, feel it, and tell yourself,

‘Its only my story’.

You are much BIGGER and more POWERFUL than you could ever imagine.