Jo Barnett Life Management Specialist/Life Coach in the heart of London

Tackle the typical challenges that come with dating and being in a relationship.

Jo Barnett is the leading relationship Coach and Professional life coach working with individuals from all backgrounds..

What’s unique about Jo is her insight, warmth and experience working with matters of the heart.  Jo will support and guide you from beginning to end of your journey.

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Dating and Relationship Coaching​

Work with the expert to help you make sense of your love life from wherever you are now to get to your final destination!

Social Dating Webinars

Our live dating webinars will be providing the latest information to help you date safely and efficiently during this challenging period. Connecting with others is more important than ever!

Couples Coaching

I work with couples and individuals who are navigating change, conflict and want fast results! I have professional insight, warmth and am able to support you and guide you through this challenging time.

Why I am a dating coach and relationship expert

Hi I'm Jo

I am a qualified, certified Relationship Expert and Dating Coach with over twelve years’ experience helping people find themselves. I am passionate about people finding their soul mate and believe there is more than one person out there for everyone. My transformational coaching takes people from concern to certainty in all areas of their lives. From working with me you will get a speedy diagnosis and the motivation to change for the better.
More About Me

What My Clients Say About Me

  • This weekend went well. I could feel my inner confidence growing. I even chatted up a few guys on Sunday (I wasn’t interested in any of them, but felt it would be good practice.)

  • ‘I have worked with Jo for over six years, she is my go to woman for any personal problems and family issues! Jo has a steady approach to coaching and has helped me make the changes I needed to become a better me. I don’t know where I would be without her insight and skill and her no nonsense approach. I'm sure I’ll be working with Jo for many years to come”

  • it was nice, meeting you yesterday. you made me laugh so much in the session. The things you showed me, were so incredible. it was like a six session. it says a lot about you, the flirting lessons the open air question and getting my to help you on with your coat! in one session.


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