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Hi I'm Jo

I am a qualified, certified life coach with over ten years’ experience coaching and advising people in their lives and with a passion for helping people find themselves and their partner. I have studied the area of love and relationships for over a decade and have many different approaches and experiences that I like to share with my students. I am always amazed when I see people transform and blossom by working with me and this is why I love being a coach.
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  • This weekend went well. I could feel my inner confidence growing. I even chatted up a few guys on Sunday (I wasn’t interested in any of them, but felt it would be good practice.)

  • ‘I have worked with Jo for over six years, she is my go to woman for any personal problems and family issues! Jo has a steady approach to coaching and has helped me make the changes I needed to become a better me. I don’t know where I would be without her insight and skill and her no nonsense approach. I'm sure I’ll be working with Jo for many years to come”


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