Jo Barnett - Dating & Relationship Expert

What you can expect from working with Jo Barnett

Session 1)  An Introduction to how we will work together to get the best for you.

  • Taking the journey from where you are now to where you want to be.  What does the ideal picture look like?  What is the dream?
  • A full discovery session where we will discover more about YOU, your patterns, behaviours, and what you WANT to achieve in love/ life.
  • What has shaped you?
  • A full explanation of what a healthy relationship looks like, in comparison to an unhealthy one.

Session 2)

  • Looking at what holds you back/ obstacles and what is really going to be IMPORTANT to get the best out of you.
  • Identify your old patterns and beliefs and start to make new ones that will propel you forward to achieve greatness.
  • Working through your most important values that will hold you accountable and draw your best future and the right partner/relationship.

Session 3)

  • Starting with a visualisation that takes you to meet your higher self, your adult self that is strong and empowered to be and do the best for you. – a resource.
  • Where is your attention? Are you causing yourself unnecessary pain by unhealthy thought habits? – new tools to discover.
  • What changes can you create? Coaching around moving forward and out of your comfort zone.

Session 4)

  • What is working and what isn’t? Understanding and self-awareness to help create that shift.  Coaching you where you are at.
  • A look at the actions that need to be taken, new habits to be formed.
  • Locking it in and making the feelings memorable.

Session 5)

  • A practical look at what needs work on, advice, coaching, new skills.
  • Communication skills to be learnt, how to get the best from your relationships
  • Where you are going wrong, choosing a new way.
  • Staying on track.

All of my coaching can be booked through this website on the packages page.

I work with men and women on a one-to-one basis or in groups to improve your success in dating and relationships

Using this powerful coaching technique, I help you achieve that aha moment that changes your life for the better.

Working together, we can focus entirely on you and how you wish to develop in your personal and professional life.

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