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Where are all the good men who want a real relationship? This is for you.

I often wonder if the good guys are out there hiding under a rock somewhere?  There are lots and lots of FABULOUS single ladies who want a real relationship and they are looking for you.

I can tell you that these women have worked on themselves, they are strong, independent, slender and youthful with good bodies and a healthy mind.  They have found hobbies such as salsa, and exotic food.  They are brilliant company as they open up just the right amount and talk about their past.  Just enough to understand them but not to feel sorry for them.  On a night out they will chat and ask questions generously because they have a genuine curiosity to get to know their friend or man.

These women keep a tidy and clean home, with as much time as they have, as they work and raise kids simultaneously.  They know how to dress and make every effort to look gorgeous and be well put together.

Gentlemen, the question I keep hearing is where are all the good men.  By ‘good men’, they mean someone who has worked on themselves, who holds back on moaning about the past but is interested in theirs.  Men who look after their weight and their appearance so they regularly do some sort of sport.  Men who are interesting as they want to find commonality, are gentlemanly and chivalrous.

Guys, I need a favour, I need you to help me out here, because I’m running out of excuses why the women cant find you.  If you are relationship ready, and want to learn what women are looking for and how to treat a fabulous lady.  If there is something holding you back, anything at all, then I’m suggesting that you consider having some sessions of coaching.

I have promised I will help solve the problem for these women and in the process you get to be the best you can be.  Improving your confidence, gaining clarity and taking away any a 99% chance of a failed date.

Spaces are limited to the first fifteen men who sign up.  I will personally ensure that you are a priority and that you get the best coaching, tailored to suit you, on zoom, from the comfort of your own home.

Here is the link to sign up and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  Looking forward to meeting all the good guys very soon.


Looking forward to helping you

Warm Wishes

Jo Barnett

Mens Dating Coach