I’m a mother of two fabulous kids, both nearly teenagers who have been on a journey with me over the last eight years.

Together we have learnt to love, laugh, cry and generally look out for each other above all else.

As well as the coaching that I do as my passion, my hobby is dancing and I’m a huge fan of ceroc and west coast swing dance.  I travel all over the country to learn the dance and take part in social dances, one day I hope to be at competition level!

As I am constantly preaching that people need to have more than one interest, I recently took up tennis, through this I met an amazing group of friends and have just been on holiday with them.

We are a big part of each other’s lives and there is often not a day that goes by that we are not in touch.  Again, proving that when you follow your interests and push out of your comfort zone you meet new and interesting people, in my case friends for life.

My dream is to have a centre where people can come and meet for social gatherings, talks, advice, support and for fun!  I am all too aware how complex relationships are and my purpose for being here is to teach people to open-up and expand their horizons.

Looking forward to meeting you one day….