I’m a mother of two fabulous kids, both nearly teenagers who have been on a journey with me over the last decade.

Together we have learnt to love, laugh, cry and generally look out for each other above all else.

Coaching is my passion as I want to help people who are in pain to grow as men and become the best that they can be.  The man that they were born to be rather than the man they were told to be.

For anyone out there who is stuck complaining and blaming others, I invite you to reach out and get a helping hand.  With vast professional experience I help people get to the root of the problem fast, with a speedy diagnosis and my gently yet assertive manner you are in a safe space to learn.

Men and women who have worked with me find that they begin to step into the best version of themselves, with fulfilment and progress in all areas of life.  I help you find your confidence and your inner strength because operating at 20% is not okay, if you want to get to 100% contact me for a consultation.

Your most important relationship lies ahead of you, and it is absolutely worth fighting for.  Who will it be with? How would you even recognise them? Whats the most important criteria for you?

Jo Barnett

Building Brilliant Men

My dream is to have a centre where people can come and meet for social gatherings, talks, advice, support and for fun!  I am all too aware how complex relationships are and my purpose for being here is to teach people to open-up and expand their horizons.