Whats stopping you from getting your very own love Island Romance?

We are in the height of summer and love Island couples are feeling the heat!  They are coupling up left right and centre, cuddling up and partying the night away.

Love is for everyone not just the glamorous and famous and it is certainly for you!  So the question you need to be asking yourself is what needs to change for you to be living your own love experience right now?

I have come up with a short list of suggestions, you can choose just one or two to work on that will make ALL the difference to you this summer, so why wait?

  1. Are you presenting yourself in your best light?  This involves, being outgoing and friendly when you meet someone new, engaging with them from a place of openness and lightheartedness.  Yes you need to be able to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously.
  2. Giving people a chance that you would not normally.  This means that there is no right or wrong for you, there is just a great opportunity to grow and get to know someone.  Go out on some fun dates, give people a chance and leave judgment at the door.
  3. Are you living your best life? ¬†If you are sitting around waiting for MR or MISS Right to knock on the door, it just won’t be happening. ¬†You have to LEAVE the building and join groups;

‘I can’t go out on my own I hear people say,’

You would if I offered you a million pounds to do it, so just do it!

What you can do to meet new people and how you will treble your chances of finding love, by taking part in these activities;

Walking groups

running club

meet ups

tennis club

Book a drinks party night

Find out whats on in your area



Days Out

Dance Classes

Pick a couple of things that sound fun to you and find out where they are, if you don’t make your own life fun, no one will want to come and join you in your life. ¬†Have something to talk about and get going today….


I hope you have enjoyed my tips on how to improve your chances for love this summer, I dare you to follow all three steps and report back to me.


or Book your own coaching sessions with me to get you moved on today!



Jo Barnett

Dating and Relationship Coach

Love mentor

Personal Development Coach