The love island final

The final of love island 2019 crowned Amber and Greg the king and queen of the villa, and it could not have happened to a nicer couple.  Amber really showed that she had worked on herself and grown over the summer, a fabulous example to all those people out there watching.

Firstly, she was guarded with Michel and not able to show her true feelings, this left him feeling that she was not so ‘into him’, hence he went off with Joanna when he had the opportunity to meet someone new.

Taking that lesson to heart Amber then meet Greg and was not shy in being open and allowing her vulnerable side to come out.  The big learning here for everyone watching is to see how opening up and leaning into your feelings can move the relationship forward and form a special bond. Expressing yourself in a relationship is key to being able to move forward and grow as a couple and as an individual.  This is the whole purpose of a relationship.

The public fell in love with Ambers journey and vulnerability much as her new man has done and what a prize they have won.  Whilst Molly Mae and Tommy were tipped to be the winners, we never saw a journey or a triumph like we did with Amber and that’s what the public voted for her.

This year’s love Island show is a small reflection on what it’s like to be dating in 2019, there is always love around the corner, new possibilities, temptations and mostly the opportunity to grow as a person and find your best match.

Good luck everyone out there who wants to find their very own love Island, it’s time for you to start your journey.

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