Top tips for online dating!!

My top six dating tips for online dating

  1. How about adding something fun and spicy to your profile?
    For example, talk about the last holiday where you enjoyed something adventurous.  Or what you think about fifty shades of grey?
  2. Describe the best sides to you, what makes you good company and worth taking out on a date!  You can even mention what your friends say about you.
  3. Open up your wish list, take chances and contact ten people you would not normally.  Get out of your comfort zone!
  4. Be very confident and light hearted, no need to get serious too early on.  Make out like you are looking for new friends and it will take the pressure off.
  5. Once you are in contact with someone, ask for their number so that you can talk, after the first few emails, it’s good to be forward and get the ball rolling.  Do you want a pen pal or a date?
  6. Ask out ten people for a drink this week (yes ladies, you too) and be open to possibilities, above all remember everyone is in the same boat as you, so make it easy and enticing for them!

Have fun!!

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