Be the shining star on the tree this Christmas this year

Loving couple with a lot of christmas gifts

NOW is the best time to find love by new year…It’s a great opportunity to go out and party, mingle and meet new faces over a glass or two and even a sprig of mistletoe.

I have loved this year, with all its ups and challenges, laughter and tears, friends, family and my clients who become family.

It makes me smile to see so many people meet their new partners as soon as they open their hearts and start being their true self.

What do I mean by true self?  It’s when you let your guard down, speak up, tell that funny joke you have been rehearsing, and wear your tallest heels or most colourful shirt.  You are just being you, the way your best friend and favourite auntie knows and love you.

When you are seen at your best YOU shine like the most attractive person in the room, I have seen this time and time again.

Just when you thought the year was over and you could put up your feet for some festive hibernation, I am requesting that you get out and be sociable, say yes to all the invitations that come near your way.  Even better create opportunities and invitations.

Every person you meet brings you closer to meeting your soul mate and finding your TRUE POTENTIAL.

I send you this gift this Christmas, inviting you to turn up the volume on the real you, to sparkle and shine.   Please feel that you have my love and encouragement, as I know you have so much more to give than you have done this year.

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