I find it very concerning how so many people are in need of help finding and keeping partners today.  From dating to marriage and even a high school crush, I get thousands of emails each week asking for my help.

Tonight I am going to help you and give you a taster of what you can do to shift your life around in any area you choose.

What is it that you would really like to know that would be the answer to all your relationship problems?

Do you need to understand yourself better?

Is it that you are seeking permission to go and be you and just ask people out?

Do you get stuck at the communication points, not knowing what to say at the right time?

If it’s any of the above and more then I want you to know that from where you are now to where you want to be it is very simple to turn your life around.

As a breakthrough coach I can see very clearly exactly what needs to be shifted, and if you are willing, we will achieve this together.

I invite you to do something for yourself, right now towards making the above possible.  Clear your mind for a moment and take a nice deep breath, let go of any negative thoughts you may be having and any worries that are in the back of your head.  For a couple of minuits give yourself permission to just be you, and the very best of you.


Notice what this feels like in your body and how it affects your facial muscles, your breath.  Now keep connecting to your best self, you without the negative chatter!  The version of yourself that you want to become.

Now remember that answer that you wanted?  Ask yourself that question right now and listen to the answer that is in your heart.

What do I want for myself?

What do I need to overcome?

Can you see how you shifted your energy and started to see new ways and solutions to your old problems?

Using this energy and emotion I am requesting something of you today.  Please make the decision that you will take one tiny step towards creating this change that you so want.

Do one little thing that you need to do to get closer to what you want.  It can be as little as smiling and as large as inviting several friends over for a dinner party.  Keep focused on what this is bringing you closer to and who you are being in creating this new opportunity for yourself.

Finally, what will be different about you when you have spent a week practicing this little change?  Who will now be more attracted to you?

You are invited to email me with any effects that this piece may bring about for you, I would really love to hear your results.

If you would like my one to one support and mentoring in your personal life then do contact me for a free phone consultation.

With love and gratitude for the great work that is coaching.