Lets talk about finding LOVE!!!

Hi Everyone,

I am on my way to a wedding in about an hour and I just wanted to reconnect and say’ Hi’

I also have a message for you, of course, some insights that have come to me over the last few days!!

Firstly I want to talk about wanting to find love.  When my clients come to me looking to get over their ‘stuff’ and work through new ways of meeting a partner, we do some great visualizations into the future and how they can access the most confident successful part of themselves, we step over fear, rejection and any other excuses that stops them ‘going for it’.

What occurred to me last night is that one thing in my work has been lost for a short while, which is the bit about leading the best life you can for YOU!  I urge to reconnect to your dreams, not just the romantic ones, all of them!!  Everything you ever wanted and thought was out of reach.  Take time to picture yourself in those roles, work, success, health, love and happiness.

When you come from you best and freest self you will no doubt be a love magnet and attract the most incredible relationships.  I can tell you this because it’s happening to me.  When I embrace success, love, and kindness and am totally my BEST self, that’s when magic happens for us.  This is what I wish for you on this Sunday afternoon.


Jo Barnett