Date Doctor 7th March 2013

Personal development coach Jo Barnett, reveals the secrets to successful relationships. This issue…

Dear Jo
I’m a single guy in my early 40s with two lovely kids. I’ve been on my own for about five years and would love to meet a special Jewish woman. I recently corresponded with someone on JDate and we seemed to get on well. We exchanged a few long emails and enjoyed great conversations on the phone. We then arranged to meet up. I was looking forward to it, but she cancelled, using work as an excuse. I get the impression that this will now come to nothing and can’t help wonder what I did wrong.
– Anthony

Dear Jo
I am a 32-year-old lawyer and have been dating a 39-year-old man for the last nine months who I really like. We get on so well when we are on our own and I find him so attractive too – this has never happened before! The problem is that he seems to have commitment issues and does not want to call me his girlfriend. We have not told many people we are dating because he likes to keep things private. When his friends are around, he is offish and this is starting to upset me. I know that when we are together we have a great time, but I’m starting to want more and am wondering if he will ever be able to settle down, which is something I really want for myself. I am scared to talk to him as I don’t want to push him away. What do you suggest? Thanks for any advice you can give me.
– Debbie

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