Date Doctor 21st March 2013

Personal development coach Jo Barnett, reveals the secrets to successful relationships. This issue…

Dear Jo
I’m a divorced man in my mid-forties. I have been on my own for five years and lack the confidence to ask women out. I am really happy in all other areas of my life. At work, I am super-confident and build good rapport with people. I have a great relationship with my kids and am in good shape. I look after myself and take care of my appearance, yet no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get women interested in me. Every time
I see a woman I like, I simply freeze. Can you suggest something – anything! – I can do differently?
– Gary

Dear Jo
I’m a 31-year-old woman and would really like to be in a lasting relationship. The problem is that whenever I like someone I get too serious too soon and this scares most guys away. I find it hard to play it cool as I believe in wearing my heart on my sleeve. About a month ago I met a lovely guy at a party and we dated for about weeks. I told him I wanted to date exclusively and was looking for a serious relationship. I thought he agreed with me as we spent lots of time together, got physically close and seemed to get on. But when I called him a few days later, he said he didn’t know if he wanted a proper relationship. This really hurt my feelings and made me not want to see him again. I put too much trust into this guy early on and when I thought we were getting serious, he pulled away. This seems to happen every time I like someone and I’m wondering what I did to scare him away? After all, I can only be myself! What do you suggest?
– Vikki

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