Icebreakers and flirting tips from your Relationship Coach Jo Barnett




August 2013 top flirting tips!

You have spotted the girl/ guy of your dreams and just feel tongue tied!  Old familiar storey, you don’t know what to say or do to get their attention?  I am sharing with you the conversation starters that everyone will be happy to respond to!  No raw pick up lined, no baloney, just honest praise for the person that you want to get to know!  After all, don’t you like a bit of flattery??



‘I noticed you have a gorgeous smile and I had to come and tell you!’

‘I just love that dress/ colour you are wearing, do you know you are very beautiful/cute.’

‘Hi, can you tell me what’s good to order here?’

‘What do you think of this music they are playing?

‘I’m here with my friends, I’d love you to join us for a drink!’


‘You must get hit on all the time!’

‘Let me guess what your favourite drink is….’

‘You have great eye/teeth!’

‘What perfume/ aftershave are you wearing it smells fabulous?’

Using your body language to flirt:

  • Lean in towards the girl/guy
  • Stand very tall and confident with shoulders back and head up!
  • Use your voice!  Put expression in your voice and speak loudly enough that she/he hears you clearly without straining!
  • Get a bit closer and repeat the above!
  • Use a little touch, very subtley like on the arm or shoulder as you are talking.

Best ways to indicate interest and flirt online:

  • Send an email using some of the above
  • Pick up something from their profile and comment on it
  • Praise their picture and say how attractive they look

For the men to say:

  • Or something like: ‘you look like my kind of girl!’
  • I’d love to take you for a drink!

Top tips for a flirty email or text:

Keep it short and confident sounding

Always be positive and flattering to the girl!

 Who should flirt more, the man or the woman? Where do I stand on women making the first move?

Men and women can both flirt equally.  Ladies need to be more subtle and not too eager.  Men can be more upfront as long as it is said with a cheeky smile and humour.

I am all for women flirting and it’s great if you can initiate the connection indirectly.  For example, a girl can stand close to a guy she likes and give some very encouraging smiles and directly held eye contact, she may even say Hi, but then HE will initiate the first proper conversation which is great because he will think he’s made the first move!

You have all you need to get chatting!

Go make your moves and make the most of the summer that is ahead of you!!!