This is a unique opportunity not to wait till New Year to be the REAL you and look for a REAL-A-TIONSHIP TODAY!!!

Hi Everyone,

Have you had the best summer ever?

Are there things you wanted to do but never got round to doing?

Has September started with new resolutions for you?

Is dating on the back burner or the front line of your thoughts?

One thing I have noticed is that whatever you spend your time doing, and thinking about, this is what you will have in your life.  So this summer I was determined to get into shape, I have spend countless hours at the gym, cut out most wheat and dairy products and spent time preparing nice healthy salads, yum.

Yesterday morning when I got dressed I felt terrific in my clothes, everything fitted and I was not holding my stomach in when I put my best jeans on.  Yesterday was the kids first proper day back to school.  Everything else seemed chaotic, we were running ten minutes late, breakfast was rushed, communications between all of us fraught and then the day was spend running around doing the stuff I had forgotten to do during the eight week holiday.

The reason I am sharing this story with you is not just to share my flaws, it’s to share with you the life lesson that you will get exactly what you invest in.

Take a look now at the current state of your love life; take a look at what you have right now in your life?

What have you been chasing over the summer months?

Have you been meeting great people and having those wonderful get to know you conversations?  Perhaps you were chasing casual flings?  Or did you write the whole thing off?

Looking at what you have got right now you will see where your attention and efforts have been over the months.  Now you get to start afresh and design what it is you want in the next two months.

I invite you to stop reading, right now, pick up a pen and paper and write down what you want in your life in two months time and who you want to be in the weeks leading up to it?


Yesterday I set my goals, which included creating an organised household with harmonious and happy relationships between everyone in it! (There are four of us, and a Austin the hamster).

This means my time and attention will go more to the above than other directions I was drawn to in the summer!

To get motivated together, email me with your intentions of what you want in eight weeks time, and who you want to be in the process. I’ll know that you mean business and hold you as on your way and as good as having it already!

Oh and by the way this is reaching for what you REALLY  REALLY want!!

One last thing, when we meet again in November, know how you want to celebrate having the life you have created for yourself and what you have gone for!

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