How to have the best summer ever!

Hi Everyone

I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as I am!

Something about the sunshine, warmth, summer clothing and longer days seems to bring about a happy hormone that is contagious…

You want to be making the most of your free time and get out meeting new people and generally enjoying yourself in whatever way that is.  Why not start by spoiling yourself and book up one of your favourite activities or something that you always wanted to do but never had time for!

Today I am off to a spa for some indulgence and to plan my first retreat, which will be published here soon.  This is something big and the thing that I have always wanted to share.

Singles retreat for about twenty to thirty people, some interactive talks, alongside getting you pampered and feed for the weekend.

We will, of course, be celebrating and partying at night so watch this space and numbers will be limited at first.? ?I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people this year who keep making big breakthroughs in their lives.  When a person is able to take a step back and see a new perspective, even for a moment, they see and create change that can last forever.  I love working with anyone who is open to moving forward in their lives in any area where they may feel stuck.  If this sounds like you then I would love to talk about being your coach!? ?For the past decade, my coaching has been all about helping people open up in life and love.   A typical coaching session with me will often result in a transformative change in the way you think, act and believe in yourself.

To bring you the best I am constantly updating my coaching skills and it is my desire that you get the best in all areas: love, emotions, health, business, family and social.

These six areas can be called ‘your life’, which is far bigger than just ‘dating’.   For this reason, I am shifting my title to the ‘Relationship Coach’.??Make this a ‘big’ summer for you and step forward by signing up for coaching and coming along to our events in September.

Can’t wait to get the party started!!