How to manage yourself during the Coronavirus outbreak

How to manage yourself during the Coronavirus outbreak

The outbreak of the coronavirus can be scary and can have an effect on our mental health.  It is of course important to stay informed whilst at the same time not letting the news dominate your thoughts.

As a Life management Specialist and Relationship Coach I am able to help you look after your mental health while you have to stay at home.

Staying Connected

Keeping in touch with friends and loved ones at this time is going to be essential and will help you feel less isolated.  Think about getting a routine so that you have work time, connected time and time for you.

Staying Active

Going for a daily walk or run will not only help your mental health it will boost your mood and your immunity.  They are saying that this virus hates sunlight, so get lots of vitamin D while the sun is out.

If you are feeling less active then doing yoga or Pilates on line is also an excellent movement for the mind and body and I highly recommend doing both the outdoors walk and the yoga.

Eating Well

Right now we have plenty of time to plan ahead for nutritious meals, make salads and really eat sensibly, cutting right down on sugar and non-essential carbs which will make you feel sluggish and cause the blood sugar to drop.

Get Creative

This is an opportunity to do something you have been putting off, like starting a blog about something you are passionate about.  Doing something that you used to love when you were younger like drawing, painting, baking, give yourself a project and time for it daily.

At the end of each day you want to have a sense of achievement that you have accomplished something.

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Looking after your mental health and staying positive during the Coronavirus


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