What will you be gifting yourself this Christmas?

From Diamond rings to Rolex watches the new trend is women ‘self-gifting’ ┬áto ensure they get the right present this Christmas

How many hints have you had to drop to get the man in your life to treat you to that special something that you have been longing for? Years of leaving pictures on your partners laptop or sending items to his phone?  Trailing round the shops longingly looking in the window of the jewellers?  All in the hope that he would notice exactly what you want and go back later that week to purchase in secret!

Fear no longer, women have taken the matter into their own hands and started ordering their gifts, from themselves and to themselves, often with notes of seasons greetings and love.  With no expense spared it looks like the wait is over and this will be your best Christmas gifts year ever.

Psychologist Martin Goodyer says self-gifting can be hugely beneficial for our esteem.

‘There is a joy in buying gifts for other people because it helps bolster our internal self-worth,’ he says. ‘But even better is when you strengthen your self-worth by recognising you too are deserving of a special gift.

I have to confess, as a single parent I have already begun the process of self gifting and some of the lovely boxes are sitting pretty under the tree.  There is the clarins make up that felt like a treat, my favourite perfume that was a real spoil and the hotel chocolate that only I know which ones I like.  Being single is no reason to feel sad and forlorn on Christmas Day, instead you will be opening all your favourite gifts, choosing who to spend your time with and drinking bubbly with a smile on your face all day long knowing you are in control of the tv remote at night.  That reminds me, some silky pyjamas would be a nice touch for snuggling up in bed on Christmas night whilst chatting away to my friends online.

Who will you be shopping for this year?

With love & Seasons Greetings

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