Need a bit of a romance boost, look no further!

We are half way through our second lock down, and meeting strangers for a late night cocktail seems like a thing of the distant past.

No longer are we prepared to travel up to town to meet someone for coffee who we have just met and know nothing about, and blind dating seems to have become a luxury, if only.

Whats next I hear you ask? What can you do in order to avoid total hibernation and months of singleness?

The first thing you need to do is avoid going into panic mode, we are going to come out of this and will be even more appreciate of each other at the end.  So think forward and make that list of what you want to do in the new year and when we can all be more adventurous again!

Secondly, I suggest that you stay connected with as many people as possible, friends, family, clients.  We all need human contact and I know for myself going on socially distanced walks with a bubble of friends has kept me sane and pretty tired out come night time.  Where I used to be out dancing the night away I am now grateful to climb onto the sofa having done my 17 thousand steps, make some healthy snacks and tune in to Netflix.

All is not lost and dating apps and websites have not shut down, they are still very much open for business, your business.  So take a bit of time each week to be actively looking for a new person to chat to.  Go for someone you like the look of and whose profile resonates with you.  From there chat away and it won’t be long until you can grab a coffee and a walk or a glass of wine.  I suggest a face time call after the initial call so that you get to see there persons face and expressions.  Virtual dating can be very time and cost effective so pour yourself a tipple and get swiping.

With love towards the festive season and hoping you get all your wishes come true.

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