Advice to singles during this challenging time.

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Advice to singles during this challenging time.

Our current headlines shout about the awful and deadly Coronavirus has turned our worlds around.  We have been told to stay in our houses, self-isolate and stay at least two metres from everyone, and if we don’t we are going to cause even more deaths.

Now as a dating coach and relationship expert I am here to ask the question, ‘what the heck are you supposed to do if you find yourself single?’

My suggestions is that you get yourself onto one or two dating apps and chat to people, there is a current  fifty percent rise of people logging onto apps at the moment. Love and connection is something we all crave and now more than ever is the time to be looking for a new partner who excites you emotionally, intellectually and physically.

You may not be able to rush out and meet and that is not necessarily a bad thing, as it slows the process right down an allows people to get to know one another objectively.

There will be a rise in what I call ‘slow dating’, taking time to chat online and have face time chats so that you see and speak to each other several times before you meet.

Yesterday I was featured in the Daily Mails You magazine in an article about the rise of dating shows.  Dating shows such as love island are popular because we love to see people fall in love and of course in and out of love.  If you can’t beat them join them, lets come out of this period more loving, self-aware and of course safe.

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