Honesty is always best?

Honesty is always best?

Can we be more honest with our dates?

I’ve had a very interesting week including three dates and a near miss.

Dating can be so fun when it’s going well and yet it can be quite discouraging when it’s not.

Last Sunday night I went out for dinner with someone and we really hit it off, well in a way.

What was right was that he fitted the ‘image ‘ of who I was looking for perfectly, in that he was intelligent, engaging, cute, generous, successful and unattached.  On the down side he was short, formal, did not make me laugh, and geographically unsuitable.  However, I still left the date on a high as some of what I was looking for was certainly there and he seemed to be very keen.

The second date was set and I was most hopeful.

A week later and I was heading over to meet Jon for our second date and suddenly I was not so excited anymore, the connection seemed to have faded in a week and I had not spoken to him since we last meet, despite him trying to contact me in the week regarding our ‘dinner arrangements’.

As our eyes meet at the bar, my heart sank, there seemed to be a mutual disappointment, or maybe it was just my disappointment in him, and he would have picked up on that.

A drink at the bar later and nothing had got better, in fact, it went remarkably downhill, and whilst I was struggling to find a conversation with him, at the same time I was wondering how long the dinner would take, and if I would be lucky enough to have some time left to go out and actually have some fun after this very dry date.

To no surprise, the conversation did not pick up, and despite all my best efforts of enthusiasm, it was very clear, neither of us were that turned on.

This is the stage that I struggle with, WHY, I repeat, WHY did I enter a five-star restaurant with him and put myself through an additional two hours of polite conversation!!

Would it not have been possible to level with him and suggest we pass on dinner, that in fact perhaps we are just two very different people, from different walks of life, and wish each other all the best for the future?

How polite is it to allow a guy to buy you a very expensive dinner, to allow him to struggle through an evening that is clearly going nowhere, simply because, it’s the right thing to do??

Well ladies and gentleman, I would like to give all of you dating angels out there the permission to say, an early good night, with all the love and politeness in the world, so that you don’t have to experience the mastermind of inventive questions I had to conjure up on my date last night!

There’s a lot to be said for honesty!!