Love made simple! The truth about dating and relationships …


Have you noticed all the media attention around finding love and couples falling out of love?

Love is the word that pulls at our emotions, hopes and dreams; everyone wants it and so few truly has it.

I would like to offer you my simple and researched explanation; you can only love and experience love when you love yourself.

This means that you have taken the decision to accept all that you are and all that you can be and love all of it.

Love is about finding your partner to do this work with, it’s the place to grow, to have fun, connection and share friendship.

Society has it wrong by encouraging us to believe that we are looking for someone to come along and provide this, to give us that feel good factor. This is not lasting love its ego love, it’s about what you can do for me.

To find and keep true love we need to let go of the ego, to choose a partner of substance that we can grow with, based on an equal connection and giving.

Choose someone you can give too, whose dreams you can support, whose values you share and who can be your playmate and soul mate.

Did you know that the universe is wonderfully clever; evidence suggests that when you choose a partner based on superficial values such as beauty, money and physical pleasure alone, something will trip us up and there will be a challenge. For instance, that partner will lose their looks or their money etc. Choose based on a soul connection and you could be set for life!

I am so passionate that we start finding love that I will be running courses and coaching sessions to open up your potential and your sense of generosity in relationships.

Start by changing one thing today, really listen to the person you are with, give them your full attention. Love them for who they are right now and who they can be, let go of judgment and connect at a deeper more soul level.