Finding your Valentine in time for the 14th Feb!

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As a leading dating coach, I am constantly getting asked to help people find the one. They have been on the market for a while and Mr right or Miss right has not shown up yet. Desperate for my help to tell them where they should look for ‘the one’, and where he or she is hiding they are often shocked and disappointed by my reply.

I hate to burst your romantic bubble so near to Valentines Day, but there really is no right ‘one’, hidden in the abyss of online dating sites and apps. On the flip side, I can reassure you that there are many lovely imperfect people out there just like you, with whom you can build a great relationship.

Let me tell you how…

For years I have sat down with clients and told them to make a list of everything they want in a partner. Together we would study that list and I would sneakily take the desired traits one by one and challenge my client to tell me, now how are you going to attract this person and what will you be doing to show that you also are fun, intelligent, warm etc…

Recently I was in a Kaballah class and was delighted when I heard the teacher say it, ‘instead of looking for the one be the one’. I hope this resonates with you as much as it did with me. What does this mean? Well for starters it means that everything on your wish list is exactly what you need to become in order to attract and sustain a great partner.

The brilliant thing about this intervention is that you get to be proactive! There are no more excuses, no more waiting for the one to show up. You get to start the work today by striving to be the right one for yourself.

Enrol a coach to help you work through each value that is important on your list and see your happiness and contentment climb. This work is so simple that you can even do it yourself; all you need is a pen and paper with all the qualities you desire listed. Begin to address each quality one by one and see how much you can improve on your scores out of ten.

Enjoy the change and I wish you a Happy Valentines Day.

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