Get more energy now and have access to more in all areas of your life!

The energy of sharing

Is there something you are wishing for right now in your life? What is the thing you desire? A business deal, new love, or just happiness.

What makes these things happen? Is it luck, chance, effort, energy or something else?

Coaching is about allowing yourself to hunger for things, and to go about getting it with energy and healthy passion.  We all want something for ourselves, and often more than one thing at a time, think of all the people you know, that’s a lot of wanting and hoping!

Imagine what all that energy would feel like and look like if we gathered it together as a resource.  What would be possible to create from that source of energy?  That’s right, anything.

Take for instance decorating the Christmas tree, yes you can go out and get the decorations, put it up yourself and do a good job.  You could also decide to enlist four other people to be responsible for helping you and creating their own decorations, put it all together and you would have a pretty awesome tree.  How much more alive would it look?  What emotion would you feel when you looked at it?

If you really want big results then go for big energy, dig deep into your pockets and find that extra helping of enthusiasm and intention to do the very best for yourself and for others.  Also, enrol people around you for love and support and let them lean on you too.

There are some easy ways to create energy that will give you a push towards reaching your desires right now.


The body is the most powerful tool, it’s where we feel all of our emotions and powers, its where we can love and our place to heal.  Make sure you lead with your body and not your head, the body always knows best.


Sharing of yourself, your love, your time, your empathy.  Go that extra mile every day to give a bit more of yourself.


To do your best and then let it go, not to be attached to the outcome.  So you might start exercising to get fit and feel great, start doing it and enjoy the whole process, the feeling healthy and having a routine, being someone who looks after their body, enjoy that routine rather than obsess about results.  Or you may call up a girl you would like to ask out, feel the fear and do it anyway, as they say, it’s about you taking that courageous action and growing your brave muscle, more than the yes or no answer that follows.

Be your own motivator and share your abilities with others, the more you share the more you will get back.

Sending you love and big energy for this Christmas.