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Getting it right online!


I heard a story on the radio this morning that has to be one of THE funniest/ worst ever dating stories.  A lady (let’s say Sandra) had gone online to look for a date and had come across a very flirty, fun man. There were three weeks of emails exchanged and so much chemistry that she did not insist on asking for a photo before they meet up.

Whilst sitting in the coffee shop waiting for her date to arrive, she bumped into her boss, looking rather embarrassed.  He muttered something about waiting for a business meeting and they both sat there waiting.  She then called her date’s number to find out where he was and to her horror, her boss answered the phone!

Who knows how this story ended up, sadly they did not go on a date. As your personal dating coach, I want to look at what happened here and how Sandra could have avoided this embarrassment.

 The first rule when Internet dating; ask for the photo.  I would then ask the person you are chatting to online how recent the photo is.  He or she may look like the next top model and really you want to make sure that this photo is not from high school or worse a magazine!

It’s not about interrogating your future date but more about finding out some basic truths and utilising your evenings out to the max!

From my E-book ‘How to get a date now’, out in January!

If you are a perfectionist or anxious about the photo/profile

Something I did a while ago was to get a professional photo taken. You will find someone who knows someone (and face book is great for this) to take a nice professional photo shoot of you for not much more than £70, may be worth it to set your mind at ease and if you can afford it. For me it was so worthwhile investing in, I even used it on my website.

How to use dating sites effectively… Be in the driving seat.

Have a good look through (search for people in your age category), contact the ones you like the look of straight away, send an email or chat to them online, don’t waste time with winks!! They don’t work.

Now give it a go!!