Celebrate Christmas in style from your dating coach xxxx

Christmas is a great time to connect with people so make sure you get out and pull a cracker!

It’s cold outside but that does not mean you have to pull up the blanket and shelve your love life until March…  Christmas is the time of year when lovers want to celebrate and singles want emigrate.

This year choose not to emigrate, instead welcome friends and family into your home, meet up with married friends and see everyone all as one big extended family.  If you are single Christmas is a great time to maximise the social potential there is out there.  It’s about creating opportunities for yourself and getting in the right mindset.

Despite the fact that my kids will be on a plane to the other side of the world with their dad, all my nearest and dearest are all away on their own expeditions, I am finally able to smile and breathe.   It is all exactly as it is meant to be.

This year I was meant to be ‘on my own’.  As it turns out I will not be on my own at all, as I have a tonne of warmth, love and gratitude and other friends surrounding me, it’s like an energy force and I am looking forward to sharing it with people I have not seen in ages.

With all my heart I encourage you to embrace this Christmas period as a landmark in your life, a time to celebrate your journey and where you have got to.  Drink a toast to the good the bad and the delightfully unknown!

Take time to find out what’s going on that you would not normally go to; such as singles parties (I will list below), movies, theatre, concerts, outdoor walks…  See how many lovely days out you can plan.

Make a trip down to the shops and invest in something Christmassy, like a red velvet dress or a new snazzy shirt.  Whatever it is, make sure you spoil yourself and find someone at that party to dance with!  I know I will….

The following companies all plan LOTS of events and parties for singles of all ages, check out their websites in advance!!

  • Dinner Dates
  • Match.com
  • RSVP
  • Speed Dating

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