I have not found MR/ MISS right yet can you help?

Thousands of singles contact me each year to ask for help finding their soul mate. They know that as the expert I will have something useful to offer, some inspiration.13045512905C2jvn

And I do…..

The very best advice I can offer you come in three simple steps and if you follow these steps you can’t go wrong.

  1. Keep going and constantly put yourself out there.
  2. Be realistic about who and what your partner will be.
  3. You can grow together you don’t have to have everything all at once.

The other night I was at a party and two people who I have known individually for a long time have just got engaged. Both gorgeous people who waited until their late forties to find a partner, each other.

These same lovely individuals would have been on the same dating websites for the past ten years. Have friends in common and live about ten minutes from each other.

So why did they not meet earlier?

Why does anyone not meet his or her partner earlier?

Go back to step two;

be realistic about who and what your partner will be.

They would have overlooked each other at various parties for one simple reason.

The vision they had of their soul mate did not match the person in front of them!

When you are looking for tall dark and handsome, or skinny blonde and cute, you will miss your Mr or Miss right.

People come in all different packages, small, larger, fair, dark, auburn, loud, funny, slightly under-confident, etc…

Our programming tells us what to look for and you will most likely be choosing the same partner, again and again, wondering why it’s not working.

Ever tried making an omelette without eggs? It will never work…

My inspiration and teaching for you today is to urge you to be open-minded and get to know people who you would usually dismiss.

Find one or two admirable qualities, focus on them and see how you can build on the conversation. If you are on a dating app then say yes to people outside your looks or height category and welcome in new personality types visit our website.

How to find your soulmate in one easy step – step into new territory and have fun exploring!

For one to one coaching on helping you get outside your comfort zone and work through your existing prerequisites, please call to book your space.