Find love and stop repeating old patterns.


Frustrated that Mr or Miss right seems so far out of reach?

Want to fast track your romantic life and create a special relationship?

Then here are four easy steps you can take today…

My four steps to finding love


 1. Start with a clean slate, wipe out all those old stories and failures and approach this new chapter afresh. A blank canvas waiting to be coloured!

Write a list of all the negative stories you tell yourself about reasons for failing in love, include every detail that you remember.

Now physically screw it up into a ball, tear it up or set it on fire and watch it melt away.


  1. Get a clean sheet of paper and now you are going to write out your ten best qualities, there may be even more so keep writing until you are done.

Make a note of all the things you have achieved in the past, the people you have been there for, every positive lesson you have learnt.


  1. Take a good look at all your wonderful qualities and mark next to each one how you could get even more in each of these areas.

How you can give more, how you can do more, how you can allow yourself to love and be more.


  1. Now go about your week simply and effortlessly, and keep reading your list above, keep paying attention to your growth list and how much more you are now putting into life.


In networking its called ‘givers game’, love is just the same.  Give to yourself, give to others and then let go.  Relationships that work naturally unfold, allow yourself the chance by letting to and allowing nature to take its cause.

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