Harry and Meghan, good role models of celebrity dating and what we can learn from them.

The prince and princess seem to have struck up a unique bond and are more in love than ever.

Harry is as proud as punch of his actress girlfriend and is always seen close by her side, attentive and almost serious about her care and protection, a side we have not seen before.  While Meghan presents Hollywood glamour with an air of grace and modesty, these two are a joy to watch.

What is the secret of their success?

Firstly, they seem to have a natural attraction and admiration, and both have high status roles and are constantly active and working towards something new.  They both take great care of themselves, with healthy eating, work outs and a bit of time to party!

They have put each other first and are both brave enough to risk media attention to get what they both want, more time with each other.

The relationship is still fresh and what will keep it fresh is the continued attention to detail, the gifts that Harry has showered on Meghan, the love and adoration she so clearly shows Harry and most importantly a mutual respect.  Harry is secure and confident enough to continue living on other sides of the continent where his girlfriend is perusing her role in the TV hit suits.  While Harry continues to be carrying out his royal duties and other responsibilities.

They find time for each other and prioritise trips so that they are together as often as possible.

I am enjoying watching this charming couple flourish and while it is a fairy tale there are some lessons in it for all of us.

To the next chapter….

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Looking to get some clarity on your love life, book your one to one consultation.



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