Being a parent is the most rewarding and challenging job of all…

Have you ever wondered if you are doing a good job at parenting?

Have you blamed yourself for something your kids have done or not done?

Shone the light for your kids to follow in your footsteps and then questioned it?

If you have done all of the above then you are a GREAT parent.

One of the most challenging roles in life is being a parent and its one job that never ends.  Just when we think it may be slowing down it suddenly picks up pace and just when we think we are done we get to start over again.

One think I know for sure is that they love you give your kids will ground them forever.  The times we accept and stand by our kids will be the difference between growing adults who are self-assured and adults who are insecure and needy.

We can never know when our parenting is going to help in the future, it’s like a well that you just have to keep filling with water.  The more you put in the better the well will function and when it is empty that’s when our help is needed the most.

Don’t underestimate the role of being a parent and the job that you are doing to help kids become healthy functioning adults who can give and receive love in a way we always wanted to.

For those who are not parents but have the opportunity to parent other people’s kids, grab it with both hands and give give give.  Whatever love, time and care you give will never leave you and shapes you and the people who you have taught.

Today I am grateful for all my teachers, my support system, and for having the strength and courage to parent even when it was hard.  No one’s kids are perfect, yet I am so proud to be  mum to my two and I would not change them for the world.

Love Love Love your kids, and know that all the hours of parenting and giving is going to be with them even when you are not.

Happy Mother’s Day all you wonderful parents!

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