Welcome in change, it can be good for you…

For example, something that you thought you had sorted at 30 may look different at 40, and something you wanted at 40 may be irrelevant at 50.

As we journey through life our wish list can change and it is very healthy to let these tastes develop. If you always ate crème brulee for dessert it may be time to try chocolate mousse! Wearing black may have worked in the past for you, how do you feel now about wearing bold colours now?  These are subtle changes that reflect your growth as you glide through life paying attention to yourself and what is around you.

What you once wanted may now be too small a dream for you; perhaps there is more or something else that lights you up. Take relationships for example, as you change so do the people that you will want to spend your time with. I am not suggesting that you drop all your friends, but take a look at whose company you really enjoy, and the type of people you are NOW drawn to.

Chances are your relationships with a partner can change when it has space given to it. Notice how your partner has grown and how you want to be together now in the relationship. You can support each other and talk about how you have both changed for the better, and what you want now that you did not want before.

People with wish lists become stuck because life never matches the list. It could take a lifetime to achieve everything on the list and when you have it, you will probably want something entirely different.

There is something comforting in embracing change, a peacefulness and maturity that can feel so rewarding. When I accept that it is okay to feel how I feel, life is great and when I start trying to go against it, I am in pain. Try thinking back to a time when you let yourself be swept up in the moment, where life felt great and you were energized.

What did you let go of and who were you allowing yourself to be? I would love to hear from you about one thing you want more of in your life?