‘Winning the war inside’

‘Winning the war inside’

Everyday is an opportunity to change, to work on yourself, your relationship, your mind and body.  I want to share a little of what sharing means to me and how Kabbalah explains we should share in our relationships.

When we wake up our first urge is to feed and nurture our body, to receive for the self alone.

This is our ego telling us what we need and how we must get it. There will never be an inner message telling you to jump out of bed and make a coffee for your partner.  If you do it you are making a conscious choice and going against the ego.

Our goal is to convert the desire to receive for the self alone into ‘sharing, loving and thinking of others first.  This doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes constant chipping away until we start to change.’

Relationships are about giving and thinking about the needs of others. Every time you feel the urge to be selfish choose to turn this around and you will be entering the realm of higher consciousness and this is the reward.

The feeling that you get when you give to someone is far greater than when you take something for yourself, yet we are fooled into believing it’s the other way around.

Today you can start to practice these little acts of sharing and giving to your loved ones without wanting anything in return.  Life is like a magnet and when you start to give more you will begin to receive everything you have ever needed.

These ideas are taken from a book called ’Daily tune ups’ by Yehuda Berg. ‘A Year of living Kabbalah’.

Your relationship with yourself, your partner, the universe may be struggling and by following the above simple tips you can begin to turn your life around.  The interesting thing about going against our nature is that it takes effort, when you are making effort in your life you can be sure that you are doing ‘the work’ that you are here to do.

With love and gratitude

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Jo Barnett

Dating Coach and Relationship Expert