Another Royal Romance hits the headlines!

Another Royal Romance hits the headlines

This weekend it was announced that princess Beatrice’s new love is the father of  a two year old and living with his fiancé until recently!

Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and Beatrice are said to have met at her sister’s wedding, when love was in the air and their eyes met across a very royal room.

What is interesting to me as a relationship coach and dating expert is the choices that the royals are making, which is reflecting wider society.

Prince Harry choosing to marry a TV celebrity from the other side of the world, from a very different class background is evidence of us having to search further afield and look beyond suitable and obvious choices as love is most important.  He took on all of these differences and embraced his new love with total devotion.

Princess Beatrice choosing to date a man who is father to a two-year-old boy, with a very fresh ex fiancé in the wings, is a sign of the times.  It tells us that finding your soul mate is harder than ever and this is why we are having to widen our net and be not rule out people who have ‘baggage’ or have already started families.

Society is accepting and embracing change and open to a less than white choice for the Royals.  Our own selection process becomes more and more complicated as we are meeting and having families and then separating at such a speed!

Today I want to share this shift in ‘open door’ dating and celebrate as people are jumping on board the train of possibilities, blended families and mixing up backgrounds.

However, this also represents a warning to people who think that it’s easy to jump into a marriage and children without fully knowing and assessing their partner.

Please pause during the dating process, take your time while you ‘interview’ your perspective partner to see if they are a good fit or a life time fit.  Whilst blended families are all the rage it’s also not necessary the best way to go if you can get it right first time around.

I am here to work with people making the decision of choosing a life partner and I offer a course of coaching to help you come to the right choice.

Don’t leave your future to chance, take responsibility and work out what you really need to say ‘I do’.

With love and gratitude.


Jo Barnett

Dating Coach and Relationship Expert