Which dating app works the best?

There are so many dating apps that you forget who you spoke to on where?

Is this person really on there to find someone?

Where did they go?

Why did they disappear?!!!

The thing about dating apps is that they can work if you make them work for you.

Here are my top 10 tips to get the most from your dating apps!

  1. ¬† Don’t take it too seriously! try and have fun rather than make it seem like a piece of work.
  2. ¬† Rotate the apps that you are on, don’t keep a stale profile up while you are on a break.
  3. ¬† ¬†Take a break, don’t keep swiping week after week, come off for a weekend and give yourself a break.
  4. ¬† ¬†Be kind to yourself and remember nothing is personal as they don’t really know you…
  5.    Let go of your preconceived ideas of how your soul mate should look.
  6.    Go for something different to your usual type!
  7.    After a day or so of messaging encourage your match to take it to a phone call.
  8.    You want to get off the app as soon as possible, chats, telephone call (brief) and then arrange to meet up.
  9.    Do update your profile, change your photos around to keep you interesting and fresh.
  10. ¬† ¬†Keep your sense of humour, when you can’t laugh about it, for sure its time to take that break!


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With Love

Jo Barnett

Dating Coach/ Relationship Expert

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