What do your gifts say about you and who will you be shopping for this year?

PICKING the perfect gift can be a challenge – especially when you’ve got no idea what the person really wants.

‘However, there really are some presents you should think twice about gifting – as many of us scramble online to purchase last-minute trusted sets of smellies and a pair of new socks. ‘Vouchers can be a good idea, the experts say, although the sentiment can be "lost" says Relationship coach Jo Barnett

I was quoted in the Sun Newspaper over Christmas for looking at the meaning behind your gifts.

How well do you know your partner and how much thought are you going to put into your gifts?

Ask yourself what kind of relationship do you want this year and how much effort are you going to put into it?

Knowing what makes your loved one smile is the key to their heart and you must first understand the importance of making your special person feel seen, heard and loved.

Today I work with couples who are in pain because they have not been listening to each other, not been expressing themselves fully and are on the verge of a break down.

One thing can hold a relationship together and that is good clear communication, speaking one at a time, listening to your partner and feeding back what you have heard.  Then asking if there is any more they have to say so that they feel fully heard.  This very effective and simple way of communicating will make the difference of staying together and feeling fulfilment or drifting apart and feeling alone.

So if you struggled to buy your loved one a present last year I suggest that you spend more time talking and listening to them so that by valentines day you can be sure to bring a big smile to their face.

Your relationships are where you spend most of your time so let’s start investing.

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