What causes the most pain in relationships and how can you get back on track today?!

Do you remember feeling frustrated or upset with your partner or your last date?  Feeling like no one understands you and that you may as well give up on love altogether?

Well I can tell you that you are not alone and that the biggest fallouts come from the smallest things.

For example, you are on your way out to dinner and your husband or boyfriend has not noticed that you are wearing a new dress and has not told you how lovely you look.  As a woman I know how important it is that all your hard work does not go amiss and that women need a compliment from the man to feel loved and cherished, even if we already know we look the business!

Equally guys want to be appreciated too!  You have driven your lady up to the party and driven her home again, you certainly would like a thank you and some sign of the fact that we appreciate you taking the care to look after us.

Occasionally both sexes can get away with forgetting the small things, without too much of a fall out, however it’s the build-up of lots of little things that builds the mountain that will eventually erupt!

How can you avoid this happening?!  I can only stress that when both people are thinking about putting the other person first and what nice things they can do or say then it’s a win win.

You can also let your partner know what is really important to you and what he or she might need to do or say to make you feel appreciated and loved.

Relationships are the only place where you can GROW and it should be used and taken advantage of.  The conversations and the honesty that happens between two people in a relationship is the love and nurture that you give to each other so that you can BOTH become better people, becoming more giving and more loving.

The good news is that with just a little bit of direction you can work on your relationship and become the person you would most like to be.

If you are looking for one tip that you can take away and use on your relationship to improve it immediately, communicate one thing that you like about your partner and praise something they have done today, repeat this daily.  The second step is to share one small thing that you would like your partner to do that would really make you happier in the relationship.

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Jo Barnett

Dating Coach


Relationship Coach