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Guys and Girls is it your time for some summer loving?

The summer is the best time to fall in love.  Its bright and fresh, every one is happy because the sun is shining.

Here are my top tips for finding love this summer

  1. Get out and about after work, go for a walk or arrange to meet a friend for a drink at a pub.
  2. Host a garden party and get people to bring a plus one of the opposite sex.
  3. Talk to a stranger that you like the look of while you are ordering your iced coffee at your local.
  4. Try out a new restaurant or bar, smile at a stranger!
  5. Get summer ready and buy a new outfit that makes you feel great and wanting to go out.
  6. Book a summer holiday where there are group activities or sports where you will meet new people.
  7. Join up for speed dating.
  8. Update your Facebook profile to an action picture showing you out and about having fun, comment on it too!
  9. Enrol a friend or a coach to help you get the best results and keep you foccused.
  10. Be committed to having fun in the sun no matter what or with whom!
  11. Stay open hearted and give people a chance.

For all your one to one coaching needs please get in touch to arrange your discovery session taking you to where you want to be in love and in other areas of your life!


Jo Barnett

Dating and Relationship Coach