Want to avoid meeting losers and time wasters?

My dating rules that will change who you meet in an instant, go from meeting looser to catch by following just these four tips;

  1. Chat to the guy on the phone before you meet them. ¬†Why is this important? Because you need to hear someone’s voice ¬†expression, tone, energy and if you listen you will get this and not have to wast your time going on lots of useless dates.
  2. Believe him when he says he is just wanting fun. Men tell you what they want so listen, they are not about to have a personality transplant just because you have come along. ¬†If they are not ready for a relationship in their lives then leave them be, you have no time to do ‘just fun’. ¬†When he fails to call and ask you out after sleeping with him, tell me how much fun that is for you?
  3. Leave time and space between dates , this goes for talking too. ¬†Why is this important? Any match/fire that strikes in haste can be put out in haste. ¬†You need time and space for you to THINK, and FEEL, in between the dates. ¬†If you don’t stop to think and go on a roller coaster of dating without letting your feet hit the floor you will be unable to see the truth in a man. ¬†Your judgment will be clouded and you could be confusing excitement for love.
  4. Take notice of their actions.   How a man behaves towards you OVER TIME  tells you all you need to know.  To get here you need to give it more than three weeks of dating, or or nine weeks of dating, its just the honey moon period.  Slow your self down and take measure of his constant effort towards you, asking you out for proper dates, and how you feel with him.

If you follow my guidance above you will find yourself a REAL man rather than just ANY man, isn’t that what you have been waiting for?Click the link below to book one to one coaching and dating profile advice.




With love

Jo Barnett

Dating coach / Relationship Expert


Dating Profile organiser

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