Its Valentines day soon so what will you do?!

Roses are red Violets are blue I’m feeling the love what about you?

happy valentines day

Have you noticed the cards and hearts everywhere or is it just me?

As your personal dating coach, I would like to give you a very special gift this year.

I want to help you expand your heart and attract love to you as soon as possible.  I invite you to take part in a one-off valentines exercise and share it with your friends.

Choose from these simple yet effective actions and notice the shift in your love life over the next few weeks!

1)            Take the opportunity to wish people ‘happy valentines day’, wherever you are.

2)            Buy three cards and give them to friends/family or a secret admirer.

3)            Please don’t be expecting anything in return for the above two acts.

4)            Choose one thing in your life that you want to celebrate having this Valentine’s day and do just that!

5)            Do something nice with Valentine’s day in mind, be it a date with a friend, the new 50 shades movie, a special meal out or a new outfit, treat yourself with love.

6)            Know that where you are today is perfect and exactly where you are meant to be.  When you can smile at today love will show up tomorrow!

Let’s turn up the heat on love this week and share it around.

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