Feel like giving up on finding love? Lets change the story and re-write your happy ending.


It seems that human beings are the best storytellers, and it’s the stories we tell our selves that are the most powerful.

You know that you have the most influence over yourself and the results that you get are directly linked the story that you play in your head…

Imagine you are on a date and it is going very well, you may not be sure that she or he is interested in you, and so you focus in on one little clue, you decide that the evening is a negative.

So that is the first chapter of your story and the rest of it carries on, niggling away throughout the night until you go home doubting yourself and wondering if indeed this is even the right match for you.

We have a lot to learn from young children who don’t have a story in their heads, they take things for what they are, face value.  In this regard good is good and bad is bad, simple.  Can you imagine the wonderful results if you went on a date and enjoyed every moment, took it for what it is rather than what it is not?

Each little joke would be building a positive picture in your mind; every smile or similarity would feed into the love bank.  As children take the world for what it is, I invite you to take your life for what it is   A wonderful series of actions that can allow you to build your dreams.

When you take all the positives around you and every little light that has ever happened to you and add them up, how could you ever be despondent about finding true love?