Two basic human needs…

Two basic human needs…

Posted: September 20th, 2012 Posted in: What would it be like if we were to open up more?

Two basic human needs, love and acceptance….

We talk about demons and gremlins holding us back, talking down to us.  The dark side of us that always wants to question our ability and purpose in life.

Do you have someone in your life who can cause that same element of pain just by a look, sometimes it’s what they don’t say even more than what they do say!  Most of the people I talk to are held back the most by the people who claim to love them the most – parents.


When adults suffer with low confidence or self esteem its often a result of not hearing what they needed to hear from a parent, something simple like, ‘I am really proud of you,’  ‘you are doing a great job’, ‘I love your effort or determination’, ‘I love you’.


Simple, right?  Yet by the age of seven most kids have not heard any of the above and so grow up thinking they are wrong or not good enough.  Sadly as adults they carry this forward and spend life trying to fill the shoes that were never filled as a kid.  The irony is they are missing the pair of boots that are already on their feet, just waiting to be worn in.

The good news is that even though you may not have gotten the words or tools from parents or guardians, in adult life, you can decide to take hold of the rains at any time and praise yourself!


Ask yourself some questions right now, ‘what are the three things I love most about myself?’  ‘What have I achieved in my life that I am proud of and want to share with others?’  ‘What am I working on now to grow into the strongest version of myself?”

Thank goodness we are a generation of souls who understand the human need for love and praise.  We are surrounded by messages of fulfilment and self-development and are lucky enough to share new ways of parenting with the next generation.   Two basic needs we have are love and acceptance and it starts right now with you!

The next time you hear someone question themselves or their ability to move forward, please remind them how much they truly are, and how they are loved, by you.

Jo Barnett

Dating and Personal development coach

CPCC Co-active Coach

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07917 433002