My top three steps to change your dating luck for life!!!

Slow dating rules

Want to start a fresh and catch the love of your latest sweetheart?


Too many people think that they can just skip the first four vital stages, keeping your identity, revealing your personal baggage slowly,

holding off on intimacy and really getting to know someone.

I see it time and time again, people not doing three of the above and disaster strikes.

Once you know what these stages are it is up to you to try it out with someone you like and see it work.  Of course, you still need to have the right chemistry, shared values and a like-minded attitude.

When you have tracked down someone that fits the above there is no time to waste and I encourage you to apply the following three steps to start slow dating from day one!


Step one to slow dating rules;

Step 1

Keep back a little bit of you, this means that you do not bombard your date with all the information on your family life, work life, background etc.  Keep a bit of healthy space where you have time to share and open up slowly, like peeling back the layers of the onion, one by one, date by date.

Step two

Kissing is good sex too soon is not.  If you sleep with someone before you have an emotional connection you will be left feeling empty and regretful.  This is never the grounds on which to start a great romance?

Step three

Your identity is what is unique to you, it’s what people fall in love with.  The things you like to do, your hobbies, passions.  The challenge is to continue to really let this flourish as soon as you have met someone.  Too often I see people give themselves away too fast to the other person and begin to neglect themselves and their life.  When you become less of you, there will be less to love!

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