Safe sex!

Looking online for love can be a fun and frivolous experience, millions of people find their sole mate whilst trailing through countless profiles online.

I know people who meet their partner as soon as they went on line and others are still looking, one thing I know for sure is that you should never give up as your other half may be just a click or an email away, waiting to hear from you!

The thing I want to cover today is  ‘safe sex’, and I am not talking about in the bedroom but online!   Did you know that it is a malicious offence, for a man to send pictures of his private parts and the crime can cost them a fine from £80 and over?

I hear more and more of women receiving unwanted pictures and even moving images of a man’s penis when they have not been asked for this image in the first place.  This is happening a lot of apps such as Tinder.  Ladies, you must report it and take a picture of they guy to show the police, it can be reported as a crime, to stop others receiving this too!

Gentlemen, if you are still here and reading on then I know you will be quite shocked to hear that men are sending these unrequested pictures, in a hope to entice ladies into bed and out on a date.  I am here to assure you that this is a big NO NO! Online dating is about getting to know a person, not a penis, women fall in love through their emotions, their ears and with their hearts, you are barking up the wrong post!

So please ladies, set your standards high when choosing whom you want to engage with and be in contact with.  This behaviour needs to STOP before too many women are put off dating forever!

Have a wonderful weekend and look after yourselves.