Today is a special day to send love to the important people in your life and that starts with YOU!!!

Today is a special day to send love to the important people in your life and that starts with YOU!!!

So many lovely individuals come to me for my professional dating and relationship coaching/ advise and they are lacking in this area of self-love.  Its where love begins and far from where it ends and my role in life is to help you get it!

If you feel that it’s difficult to love yourself and send loving thoughts to yourself then this MUST change today.  I invite you to take something from this blog and put it into practice so that you bring more love and positive vibes into your life.

How we do it?

Firstly we take the old story from your childhood, you know the one, that self-limiting talk that keeps you small, safe and sad.  We begin to unpack it, to understand where exactly it came from and then we send it back to where it belongs, with your child and NOT your adult self of today.

Secondly I give you some unique affirmations such as;

I am lovable

I am growing and learning every day

I have everything I need right now

I am strong and I am my own Captain

We build you up and put the smile back on your face, make suggestions of how you can be your strongest self.  Whether its raising your voice, your profile or buying new shoes it’s all possible!

Lastly and by no means least its about becoming very aware of your CHOICES, the quality of your relationships will depend on the people you choose to having relationships with.  Be it friends, family your significant other.  The people you spend time with will have a direct effect on happiness and growth and potential, so choose wisely!

I was lucky enough to have a very wise grandmother who was also in herself a phycologist, without ever studying the subject.  At the age of 100 she still knew who was who and what was what from  just a short conversation or a glance and luckily she passed that skill onto  me.

I will never forget her saying to me, ‘there’s lots of rubbish out there’, by this she meant wrong choices for relationships, and she quite simply said, ‘you don’t need any rubbish, you are better being on your own’.  My Grandma Anne had it in a nutshell, when you see or hear someone that does not have the right qualities that you are looking for, or feel a red flag, walk away, or bin!

When you start to say no to  rubbish you will begin to develop self-love and by honouring who you are and what you are worth you are saying yes to all that is good and possible for yourself.  When you say no to rubbish you make room for the jewels to come in, and be patient, they may take some time, but they are on their way!

I hope that you can take something from my Grandmas wisdom and take it on board sooner rather than later so that your luck changes from today onwards.  My valentines gift is that you begin to invite only love and light into your life.

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