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Time for a digital dating reset to get things working for you!!

Time for a reset

Some times you just need a digital detox, anything you chase too hard is going to run away.  Mariah Carey has great words in her song ‘Hero’,  ‘when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong, then you finally see the truth, that a hero lies in you,’.

When you feel like you are just not meeting the right people and that there is no one out there then stop looking, take some time out and get back to being you without the need to search for someone else.  This gives you a chance to reset and bring that balance back into your life so that you can get back to being the best you that will of course attract the best person for you.

It will happen, it is a matter of time and if your time is not right now then take a brake for a few weeks, retreat, go fishing, meditate, paint, see friends, enjoy life as you.

You should revisit the reset as many times as possible, take as much time as you need, take down your profiles and when you come back you will be the new best thing, feeling energised and positive, ready to find love.

People who allow themselves to go ‘stale’, on the apps are the ones that hang about month after month, year after year not meeting anyone and just complaining that there is ‘nt any one for them.  I ask you, how unattractive is that going to be?  Don’t you want to just run when you spot a stale profile, one that  shouts of , I’m here but my heart is not in it and im just going through the motions, no one wants that for their partner!

Dont you  want to be with someone who is happy and excited you meet you, to start something that will bring joy and this can only come from two people who are not jaded or negative, so if you feel it, go take a reset and come back when you feel better.

Book yourself some coaching sessions with me or one of my colleagues and we will help nurse you back to strength.  Sometimes you need a bit of tough love, there may be that one person who will tell you the hard truth, to tell you to grow a pair, or to stop being the victim and look at what you actually have going for you.

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I’m happy to tell you this much for free, look in the mirror and tell yourself, that its time to get yourself in date shape, inside and out.


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