The secret ingredient to love revealed right here!!!

There is a special ingredient that holds relationships together, it’s what defines success of a couple or failure.  I am talking about values, the inner workings of your desires and what makes you tick.

As a relationship expert, I am able to look deeper  and see whats truly important to you.  It’s not your job status, how much money you earn how much sushi you like or any of those other surface things, its more.

Often, we don’t know our core values because they are hidden under the superficial layers that we think are important. To understand what your values truly are take a look at what you most want in life, what you crave and what your consistent complaint is.  For example, ‘I don’t have enough time, money, space, variety’.

It’s the thing that you are striving for and desire the most that makes up part of your core values.  Now let’s take a look into successful relationship partners, who you should be dating, they will be people that share common values.  People who ultimately want the same things out of life in the bigger picture and going to have more success together and have a fluid relationship.





Some examples of values that may be at the top of your list;





Financial security




Healthy body

Time with family

Out of these values what would you say are at the top of your list?

If you want to find a fabulous life partner or check to see where you are in your current relationship take some time to write out your top values are and see how they tally up!

To work through your values and make sure you are living a life full of purpose and alignment then book yourself a coaching session with me and get started today!

Looking forward to hearing from you and enjoy working out your values.

Jo Barnett

Relationship Expert & Dating Coach