Couples in conflict


Couple Arguing Outside I help couples and individuals learn how to be in a loving relationship together, to navigate the storms and come out stronger.

As a relationship and couples coach I use my passion for relationships, and skills to guide and teach people how to move forward and to get out of battle.  By doing the work on your relationship you will discover more about yourself and what it takes to create success with your partner.

I have over a decade in experience of working with relationships and a lifetime in studying relationships, what makes relationships work and what makes them fail.

I bring the best current training skills as well as my personal experience that I am happy to share.

By looking at relationships I see that when you can start to laugh together and share responsibility you are half way there.  I really believe that couples coaching can make the difference between a loving marriage and messy divorce.

Together you will create;

*      A joint vision for the future

*      New communication skills

*      How to handle conflict

*      The ability to work as a team

*      Listening skills

*      Passion

*      Humour

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