Dating advice

Going it alone?

Turns out you are not alone if you live alone, with a staggering 34% of households habited by just one person, and a million less single men than women it’s hard to find good company these days!

Singletons are proud that they have achieved total independence, not only in their careers but in their homes, making all their own decisions and fending only for themselves, leaving plenty of time to indulge in personal hobbies.

There is the added benefit of a ‘no strings attached’ lifestyle, where men and women are free to date who they choose, even several partners at once and not to have anyone to answer to.  It has become totally ‘normal’ for people to be ‘playing the field’ and experiencing many different kinds of relationships at once.

As a divorced singleton myself, I can vouch that life is full of fun and adventure, I never get bored of looking to meet Mr Right.  The fact that I have not met him, allows me to explore lots of different avenues and find paths that were once forbidden, now totally available to me.

Aside from having tremendous fun, I am often distracted by a wave of sadness that hits me when I look at my single friends in their forties, waiting for their Mr or Miss right, only to be facing another decade of living alone.

I can tell you for free that it is not one magic person we are looking for, it’s a whole lifetimes worth of dreams and desires.  The longer a person is single the higher the stakes are, the more ‘perfect’ the partner needs to be, the less likely they are to meet this mystical person.  It’s a never-ending circle of the chicken and the egg, or the matza balls and the chicken soup; one cannot exist without the other.  What is the cost of going it alone?  What do you miss out on?  How does this fit with your life plan?

If we could live according to the above questions there would be a lot fewer singles on the market and a million more warm houses!