The ego epidemic and our sense of fabulousness!

This is an interesting article and certainly got me thinking about all the women I have come across in being a dating coach for six years!

Firstly, there are a lot of areas that ring bells, women do tend to want it all in a man today; looks, charm, career, empathy, assertiveness etc, women are not prepared to settle for second best and some even hold out for their ideal type and choose to be single.  Women are generally more career orientated than years ago and there is more focus on achievement, this is where recognition lies.

Do these women have over-inflated egos?  Probably yes, are they justified? sometimes not.  However when it comes to love, it’s about meeting your match, a person you are drawn to and attracted to,  even respect and admire.  This is where I will argue that most of the women mentioned in this article are simply looking to meet their match.

When I coach men on love and dating, I ask them what they are looking for; attraction is mostly first, then spark, independence, fun, kindness, loyalty, intelligence, this is just the tip of the ice berg.  Do all these men have what it takes to get this amazing girl and hold her attention? Some of them do not.

As a dating expert I see the ego epidemic is as a cross gender experience and not simply related to women.  It’s a case of wanting your cake and eating it, without looking first at your own ingredients.

What can society do to shift this and have more contented and less picky singletons?  To begin with the media could stop promoting celebrities and pop stars.  Take away adverts for expensive gifts and items, put average looking people in model ads and promote effort over achievement.

In the meantime you can take out a mirror and hold it up to your face, look at what qualities you have, look beyond the face and deeper into the soul.  Ask yourself what you have that is seen to the world and what you want to share more?

When you connect with another human sole be their mirror, see the whole picture and some of the parts they have not yet reached.

Often when we become aware of our own reality and accept it, things will naturally shift.   I get my clients to learn more about how they tick, what triggers them and where they may be kidding themselves.

Perhaps we are simply a generation of fabulousness; the bar has been raised both internally and externally.

Personally, if I had to choose between participating or spectating, I would choose to play every time!