Deck the halls with success and holly!



Success comes in all shapes and sizes, especially little shiny boxes towards Christmas time!

I just had to get in touch with you to share what success my clients have had this year.  Suddenly each dream is coming true and I am the lucky one that got to help bring it about and witness it.  This reminded me how having someone believe in you and not give up on you seems to be one of the keys to success.

This is what has just come together for some of the wonderful people that have hired me as their coach;

  • One engagement!!
  • Two job promotions
  • Three start up companies
  • Four less victims of the past
  • Five people successfully out dating
  • Six getting lucky in lurve!!
  • Seven knowing that they can have it all
  • Eight working their way up the ladder
  • Nine claiming their life back.
  • Ten….. well you can be the tenth and create something new right now!

What else brings about success?

Whether its success in your love life or at work, results happen when you take constant action towards what you want.  When my clients have a clear vision of what they want and keep it close to them, never giving up, they get there.

There is something called the law of attraction, what ever it is you are focusing on you will get.  This means that if you are focusing on fear or lack of something, be sure that’s what you will be getting!  As it is Christmas time, I have a special gift for all of you; it’s the gift of success, in all areas of your life;

Notice when you are thinking about something negative that you do not want and then switch it to what you DO want.  Hold it for as long as possible, expand the picture, bring in beautiful seasonal reds and gold’s, and keep it close to your heart.

Now the magic of manifesting dreams may not be enough on its own, as I said earlier, you have to take action.  I invite you to decide now what you want for yourself in 2014 and come up with a couple of actions you can take immediately.

One last tip for luck!  I really believe in the power of speaking your desires.  Phone a friend or relative (right now) who you can share what it is that you are going to bring about for yourself in January 2014.  Let him or her be a witness to the magic that is about to happen in your life!

If you would like to get some one to one support and mentoring, you can contact me for personal coaching sessions.

With love and seasons greetings!


Jo Barnett

Relationship Coach/ Confidence Coach